Email Addresses Disallowed characters

cPanel™ 11.25 expands the range of acceptable characters in the local part of email addresses to be closer in line with RFC 5322. Addresses created and managed by cPanel™ have the following limitations:

• Disallowed characters that have special meaning to the shell: &’`*|/

• Disallowed characters due to use as data value separators: @:%

Prior versions of cPanel™ only accepted the dash (-), underscore (_), and period (.) in the local part of an email address.

Interfaces that accept an email address for contact purposes should accept all RFC 5322 characters in the local part.

When upgrading to cPanel™ 11.25, email accounts with quotas larger than 2 GB will be upgraded to unlimited. This is due to limitations with Exim and Courier in handling larger quota values.

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