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Notification from Ensim ALERT: An instance has expired

The email indicates that the Ensim License Server ( has not received any license update request from the product instance for some extended period. Please login to the server, go to the license manager and click on “Renew License”.

It should send a new request to the license server. If the request fails, check if you can open from the Ensim server - maybe there is an issue with a firewall.

When you can access you should get “You are connected with Ensim Pro License Manager!”

The Parallels Pro Control Panel License Manager (ELM) allows you to manage your Parallels Control Panel Pro (formerly Ensim Pro) licenses.

If you are changing the IP address of your server you need to modify the following files with the new IP address, replacing any instance of the old IP address:


Now reboot the server and then run the following command.


MailScanner + ClamAV causing high load on Ensim Pro for Linux

Ensim Control Panel by default has the clamavmodule setting in MailScanner configuration, this was causing high loads on the server. This was also due to the MailScanner + ClamAV versions installed on the server not being compatible with each other.

To address this we are providing the rpms for the latest compatible versions of these two softwares with clamav setting which is less resource hungry as compared to the clamavmodule.

Downloads From::

32bit OS

64bit OS

Installation Procedure:

1. Get the RPMs from the locations mentioned above.
2. Upgrade the RPMs (rpm -Uvh *.rpm)
3. sh



Ensim Power Tools

Ensim Power Tools

Power Tools are off-the-shelf Web applications that provide e-commerce, content management, forums, chat and other dynamic features for Web sites.

1. Download the Ensim Power Tools Installer.

NOTE: please be sure to upload this to your server using binary mode transfer, otherwise you will receive an md5sum failure.

2. Untar the tarball and go to the folders: Power-Tools/zion-beta and Power-Tools/zion-1.5

3. For each RPM, run the following:

rpm -qa | grep [power-tool-name-version]

4. If the output of this command is non-blank, run the following:

rpm -Uhv [ rpm_name ]



Synchronize updated services (RPMs)

In order to synchronize updated services (RPMs) into all site file systems, you need to take Parallels Pro through its “maintenance mode” state which causes it to update the sites. Run the following steps:

Upgrade, or reinstall, any RPM.

Run the following command as root:

synchronizeFST -S

Advanced usage: If you want to add a new RPM to any service, edit the appropriate .sh file for that service in /etc/virtualhosting/filelists/.sh. Follow the instructions included in that file. After editing the file, make Parallels Pro Control Panel go through maintenance mode.

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