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We provide a Full Server Security Audit in order to investigate and track for possible intruders and spammers. Once we have checked your system is clean, we will proceed to issue a server hardening increasing your server security to prevent intruders from access your server by exploiting common vulnerabilities. Our Full Server Security Audit includes the following:

  • Kernel Update to the latest stable release (this include applying security patches (grsecurity)
  • Control Panel Security Updates
  • OS security updates
  • Fix common Permission Issues in order to prevent unprivileged users to access important data.
  • Fix /tmp security problems
  • Logwatch configuration
  • Sysctl hardening
  • TCP/IP Hardening
  • SSH Hardening
  • SSH Port Change
  • RkHunter Installation
  • Advanced Policy Firewall Installation
  • BFD (Brute Force Detection) Installation
  • System priority installation
  • SIM (System Integrity Monitor) installation and configuration
  • PRM (Process Resource Monitor)
  • Scan of possibly enabled PHP dangerous functions
  • Mod_Security installation and configuration
  • Mod_dosevasive (ANTI-DoS) installation and configuration
  • Unistallation of unused services such as telnet,fingerd,etc.
  • Log auditing for unusual activity


Please contact us if you have any question regarding to this plan.

We provide Server Tweaking to successfully increase how your server responds to your customers.
We optimize your server settings in order to speed up the server performace.
Services tweaking to boost up your server performance to the maximum.
Optimize your server by improving how your kernel interacts with your hardware server, decrease the time responses between the kernel and the server hardware.

Is your server under heavy overload? Are you experiencing slow time responses? Did you just buy a expensive server and you feel like its not performing as it should?
Adding new server hardware is often not the best choice, here where ServerBuddies comes in! Our ServerBuddies Server Tweaking plan is the right choice for this cases. There are many things to consider when optimizing a server. The most important one is to know the best performance you server hardware can give. We analyze everything in your server enviroment including RAM, CPU Proc, Hard Disks, Swap memory, Network, Kernel Version and Linux OS.
Our ServerBudies Server Tweaking plan can really boost up your server performance so you will not feel bad experiences anymore.

  •  Hand compiling of latest system kernel from source.
  • Remove some kernel bloat for performance.
  • Includes sysctl performance optimizations.
  • Improve disk read/write performance
  • Improve network thoroughput
  • Various other minor tweaks and configuration optimizations
  • Apache Web Server Optimization
  • MySQL Service Database Optimizations
  • Disabling/Removal of unused OS services
  • PHP OPtimization (eAccelerator Installtion)
  • Custom Server Optimizations

Please contact us if you have any question regarding to this plan.

ServerBuddies introduces the Server Management Plan:We specialize in server management at a very reasonable cost. Maximize the productivity of your systems by keeping them monitored 24/7 online without worrying of rebooting them if they are crashed or down. Keep your server safe and up to date with the latest security patches/updates. Any security risk released will be patched instantly by our Security Advisors. Server Support Staff is available 24/7 over a helpdesk and live chat to answer any question you may have, install any application, nor troubleshoot future issues.
  • Initial Server Setup
  • 24/7 Server Monitoring
  • Server Tweaking
  • Software installation and configuration
  • Troubleshooting future issues
  • Helpdesk and Livechat Assistance
  • Server Backup Configuration

ServerBuddies introduces the Initial Server Setup plan:

You just bought a new server and you dont know where to start? You feel you are lacking of knowledge on how to properly setup your server. This plan fits when a new server has been recently connected to the internet and the OS and the control panel has been recently installed. Its obviously that when you buy a fresh server you need to know where to start, this is your point of start plan. Our ServerBuddies Initial Server Setup plan includes the following:

  • OS and Control Panel Setup
  • Basic Server Security Audit
  • Domain Setup 
  • DNS Setup 
  •  Apache Setup
  • Mysql Setup 
  • PHP Setup 
  • RkHunter Installation 
  • Kernel update 
  • APF (Advanced Policy Firewall Installation) Installation
  • SIM (System Priority) Installation
  • BFD (Brute Force Detection) Installation 
  • SSH Server Hardening 
  • TCP/IP Hardening 
  • Mod_Security installation and configuration 
  • Scan of possibly enabled PHP dangerous functions 
  • Unistallation of unused services such as telnet,fingerd,etc. 
  • System Integrity monitor Installation 
  • Zend Optimizer Installation 
  • RPM Audit

Please contact us if you have any question regarding to this plan.