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Email Addresses Disallowed characters

Email Addresses Disallowed characters

cPanel™ 11.25 expands the range of acceptable characters in the local part of email addresses to be closer in line with RFC 5322. Addresses created and managed by cPanel™ have the following limitations:

• Disallowed characters that have special meaning to the shell: &’`*|/

• Disallowed characters due to use as data value separators: @:%

Prior versions of cPanel™ only accepted the dash (-), underscore (_), and period (.) in the local part of an email address.

Interfaces that accept an email address for contact purposes should accept all RFC 5322 characters in the local part.

When upgrading to cPanel™ 11.25, email accounts with quotas larger than 2 GB will be upgraded to unlimited. This is due to limitations with Exim and Courier in handling larger quota values.

Changing the Sending IP for Outbound Email in Exim

In order to specify which IP address should handle outbound mail, you will need to disable an option in WHM’s Exim Configuration Editor . You can find the Exim Configuration Editor in the Service Configuration section of WHM. To begin, navigate to the configuration editor and disable the following option:

* Automatically send outgoing mail from the account’s IP address instead of the main IP address.

By default, Exim will send mail from the server’s main shared IP address. Enabling this option forces your users to send mail from their main domain’s IP address. If you choose to enable the option listed above, you will not be able to manually specify the IP addresses from which the domains send mail. This option uses /scripts/updateuserdomains to automatically populate /etc/mailhelo and /etc/mailips.

Email notification everytime users run “sudo” on Linux

For Redhat, Centos Systems make sure that sendmail is running on the machine and configured to send out emails.



Add the following configuration in /etc/sudoers

visudo parses the sudoers file after the edit and will not save the changes if there is a syntax error.

Defaults mail_always
Defaults mailerpath=/usr/sbin/sendmail
Defaults mailto=””
Defaults mailsub=”*** Command run via sudo on %h ***”
Defaults mailerflags=”-t”

Changing the Plesk Administrator email address

In the Plesk Control Panel you can set your email address for the Plesk Administrator. This address is used for all system-related messages. The address is also stored in the following files on your server, which uses the the popular qmail mail server.


You can edit these files to change the email address as originally configured in Plesk.

You can also have multiple entries. Just make sure that each address is on it’s own separate line and prefixed with an “&” symbol.


Email Alert on Root SSH Login

Email Alert on Root SSH Login

Login to your server as root user

vi /root/.bashrc

Add the following to the end of the file.

echo ‘ALERT - Root Shell Access on $hostname:’ `date` `who` |
mail -s “Alert: Root Access from `who | cut -d”(” -f2 | cut -d”)” -f1`”