Minimum Requirements to upgrade to Parallels Pro Control Panel

To upgrade to Parallels Pro Control Panel, your system needs to meet the following requirements.

Disk space At least 40 GB

/ 5 GB or more
/usr 5 GB or more
/swap Twice the size of RAM
/var 4 GB or more
20 GB or more (depending on the number of sites you want to host)

Important: Do not create /home/virtual on a separate partition. The Site Administrator dashboard reports incorrect disk usage if the directory is created on a separate partition.

Note: Sites hosted on Parallels Pro Control Panel will be accessible during the upgrade and services such as Web, FTP, and Email will continue to function, except when the site is being upgraded. However, the control panels will be inaccessible during the upgrade. This could typically range from a few minutes to a few hours depending on the number of sites hosted on the server.

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