How to extract web files, databases etc from Plesk backup manually?

If you have not so big dump file, for example 100-200MB, you can unzip it and open in any local Email client. Paths of the dump will be shown as attachments. Choose and save needed one then unzip it.

Other Way - It can be done using mpack tools to work with MIME files. This packet is included into Debian:

# apt-get install mpack

For other Linux systems you can try to use RPM from ALT Linux:

or compile mpack from the sources:
- Create an empty directory to extract the back up file:

# mkdir recover
# cd recover

and copy backup into it.By default Plesk backup is gzipped (if not, use cat), so run zcat to pass data to munpack to extract content of directories from the backup file:

# cat DUMP_FILE | munpack

In result you get the set of tar and sql files that contain domains’ directories and databases. Untar the needed directory. For example if you need to restore the httpdocs folder for the DOMAIN.TLD domain:

# tar xvf DOMAIN.TLD.htdocs


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