To create a Service Plan template:

In the shortcuts section of the Home page, click Add Service Plan (Sites section).
Use the Service Plan Options Information to help you complete the form.
In the Save Plan area, save the plan as a new template or overwrite an existing template.

Before creating sites, you might want to create Service Plan templates. These templates are not required to create a site; however, they can make creating multiple sites easier and faster by establishing the services and utilities you want to assign to specific sites when you create them.

To save the plan as a new plan, select the Save as a new plan option. In the adjacent text box, enter the name of the new plan.

To update or overwrite an existing plan, select the Save as an existing plan option. From the list, click the arrow and choose a name.

To save this plan as the default plan, click the arrow and choose default.

Click Save.

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