We provide a Full Server Security Audit in order to investigate and track for possible intruders and spammers. Once we have checked your system is clean, we will proceed to issue a server hardening increasing your server security to prevent intruders from access your server by exploiting common vulnerabilities. Our Full Server Security Audit includes the following:

  • Kernel Update to the latest stable release (this include applying security patches (grsecurity)
  • Control Panel Security Updates
  • OS security updates
  • Fix common Permission Issues in order to prevent unprivileged users to access important data.
  • Fix /tmp security problems
  • Logwatch configuration
  • Sysctl hardening
  • TCP/IP Hardening
  • SSH Hardening
  • SSH Port Change
  • RkHunter Installation
  • Advanced Policy Firewall Installation
  • BFD (Brute Force Detection) Installation
  • System priority installation
  • SIM (System Integrity Monitor) installation and configuration
  • PRM (Process Resource Monitor)
  • Scan of possibly enabled PHP dangerous functions
  • Mod_Security installation and configuration
  • Mod_dosevasive (ANTI-DoS) installation and configuration
  • Unistallation of unused services such as telnet,fingerd,etc.
  • Log auditing for unusual activity


Please contact us if you have any question regarding to this plan.

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