We provide Server Tweaking to successfully increase how your server responds to your customers.
We optimize your server settings in order to speed up the server performace.
Services tweaking to boost up your server performance to the maximum.
Optimize your server by improving how your kernel interacts with your hardware server, decrease the time responses between the kernel and the server hardware.

Is your server under heavy overload? Are you experiencing slow time responses? Did you just buy a expensive server and you feel like its not performing as it should?
Adding new server hardware is often not the best choice, here where ServerBuddies comes in! Our ServerBuddies Server Tweaking plan is the right choice for this cases. There are many things to consider when optimizing a server. The most important one is to know the best performance you server hardware can give. We analyze everything in your server enviroment including RAM, CPU Proc, Hard Disks, Swap memory, Network, Kernel Version and Linux OS.
Our ServerBudies Server Tweaking plan can really boost up your server performance so you will not feel bad experiences anymore.

  • ┬áHand compiling of latest system kernel from source.
  • Remove some kernel bloat for performance.
  • Includes sysctl performance optimizations.
  • Improve disk read/write performance
  • Improve network thoroughput
  • Various other minor tweaks and configuration optimizations
  • Apache Web Server Optimization
  • MySQL Service Database Optimizations
  • Disabling/Removal of unused OS services
  • PHP OPtimization (eAccelerator Installtion)
  • Custom Server Optimizations

Please contact us if you have any question regarding to this plan.

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