WHM News - The Apache security/version table

The News link at the top of the WHM screen provides up-to-date information about your server. The information is divided up into 3 sections:

This table shows selected Apache modules you have installed on your server.

The information is divided into 4 columns:

Module — The module to which the other information in the row pertains.
Apache Core — The Apache web server. For more information visit http://httpd.apache.org/.
mod_ssl — The module that provides SSL cryptography to the Apache web server. For more information visit http://www.modssl.org.
OpenSSL — A general purpose, open source, cryptographic library for SSL and TLS. Fore more information visit http://www.openssl.org.
Passthrough Authentication — Also seen as mod_auth_passthrough. A module that is installed with Apache to allow other programs to use their own authentication methods. cPanel uses it specifically to allow FrontPage® to use its own authentication system.
Bandwidth Limiter — Also seen as mod_bwlimited. The module that is installed with WHM and cPanel that allows you to limit your users’ bandwidth usage.
FrontPage® — The FrontPage extensions that are installed with WHM and cPanel.
Latest Version — The newest version of the corresponding module that is available.
Installed Version — The version of the module that is currently installed on your server.
Status — Shows whether or not the corresponding module is considered secure.

Reference: http://cpanel.net

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