Using system-config-lvm

The LVM utility allows you to manage logical volumes within X windows or graphically. You can access the application by selecting from your menu panel System > Administration > Logical Volume Management.

Alternatively you can start the Logical Volume Management utility by typing system-config-lvm from a terminal.

To initialize a partition or unpartioned space, select the partition and click on the Initialize Entity button. Once initialized, a volume will be listed in the ‘Unallocated Volumes’ list.

To add the volume to an existing volume group, click on the Add to Existing Volume Group button. Clicking on the Add to Existing Volume Group button will display a pop up window listing the existing volume groups to which you can add the physical volume you are about to initialize. A volume group may span across one or more hard disks.

Once added to an existing volume group the new logical volume is automatically added to the unused space of the selected volume group.

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