Using Parallels Pro Control Panel to change the logo

To upload your logo to the server:

In the shortcuts area of the Home page, Click Upload Logo (Configuration section).
In the Upload new logo field, enter the name of your custom logo file including the full path or click

Browse to locate and select the file on your computer.
Note: Your logo size should not exceed 73 x 46 pixels.
Click Upload Logo.

Using the command line to change the logo

Using SSH, log on to the server as the root user.

Use either the move (mv) or copy (cp) command to move your logo.gif file to the customization directory /etc/appliance/customization/. For example:

mv /home/ftp_username/logo.gif /etc/appliance/customization/logo.gif

Where ftp_username is the user name of your FTP user account on the server.

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