slapd - Stand-alone LDAP Daemon

LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) is a proposed open standard for accessing global or local directory services over a network and/or the Internet. A directory, in this sense, is very much like a phone book. LDAP can handle other information, but at present it is typically used to associate names with phone numbers and email addresses. LDAP directories are designed to support a high volume of queries, but the data stored in the directory doesn’t change very often.

OpenLDAP includes slapd (a stand-alone LDAP server), slurpd (a stand-alone LDAP replication server), libraries implementing the LDAP protocol, utilities, tools, and sample clients.

Slapd is the stand-alone LDAP daemon. It listens for LDAP connections on any number of ports (default 389), responding to the LDAP operations it receives over these connections. slapd is typically invoked at boot time, usually out of /etc/rc.local.

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