Releasing IP Addresses in WHM/Cpanel


By default Apache listens to every interface coming into the machine by listening to Normally you could edit the httpd.conf file directly in order to change the listen line, however that may cause problems with Cpanel’s automation.

To acheive this log into Webhost Manager and find Service Configuration followed by Apache Configuration. Then click on Reserved IPs Editor.

Here you will need to check the boxes of the IP addresses you do NOT wish for Apache to use. Once you save your selections, a new configuration file will be configured to listen on all the other IPs that were not checked. This will allow other services such as alternate web browsers to listen on those IP addresses without conflicting with Apache.

Webhost Manager

Navigate to IP Functions, followed by Show/Edit Reserved IPs. Here you should check the same IPs that were selected in the Apache Reserve list above.

Once this is done WHM/Cpanel will avoid using those IP address when setting up new accounts and services.

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