MySQL Proxy Server

The MySQL Proxy is an application that communicates over the network using the MySQL Network Protocol and provides communication between one or more MySQL servers and one or more MySQL clients. In the most basic configuration, MySQL Proxy simply passes on queries from the client to the MySQL Server and returns the responses from the MySQL Server to the client.

To install, unpack the archive into the desired directory, and then modify your PATH environment variable so that you can use the mysql-proxy command directly:

# cd /usr/local
# tar zxf mysql-proxy-0.7.2-osx10.5.tar.gz
# PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/mysql-proxy-0.7.2-osx10.5-x86/sbin

If you want to update the path globally on a system, you may need administrator privileges to modify the appropriate /etc/profile, /etc/bashrc, or other system configuration file.


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