Mount windows drive to linux filesystem

Step 1: Take a Linux system. Install samba in your Linux system and start the service.

Step 2: Create a directory in Linux to which you will be mounting the files. Usually a subdirectory in “/mnt”

Step 3: Goto windows system. Share the drive/folder in windows system which you want to mount to Linux. Make sure that the drive/folder you are going to share is having the share permission for administrator.

Step 4: Go back to Linux system. Type the following command,

mount -t smbfs -o username=,password=,debug=4 //windowsservername or ip/drive or folder share name /mnt/share
mount -t smbfs -o username=administrator,password=gold,debug=4 //$ /mnt/windrive

Step 5: Go to the directory you have made in Linux for mounting. Now you can see all the contents in windows drive/folder in that directory.

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