How to Install KISS My Firewall on Ensim Control Panel

KISS My Firewall is a FREE iptables script designed for a typical web server. It takes advantage of the latest firewall technologies including stateful packet inspection and connection tracking. It also contains some preventative measures for port scanning, DoS attacks, and IP spoofing, among other things.

KISS My Firewall 2 is very easy to install and does not require any initial configuration. It will work with any stock installation of Ensim WEBppliance Basic & Pro, Plesk, and Webmin. Cpanel installations require some modifications.

When logged in as root ( “su -” ), type:

cd /usr/bin
tar zxvf kiss-2.2.tar.gz

That’s it! To get it running anywhere on the command line, you simply type:

kiss start

To stop the firewall, type:

kiss stop

To get status information, type:

kiss status

If you want to block an offenders IP address/subnet, simply edit the BLOCK_LIST variable in the /usr/bin/kiss file. You can separate IP addresses and subnet’s with a space. Once you are finished, simply restart KISS by typing:

kiss restart

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