How to add rkhunter to a cronjob

we know that automation and email notification make an administrator’s life a lot easier, so now we can add rkhunter to a cronjob.

This is straight from the rkhunter website: You need to create a short shell script as follows:


( /usr/bin/rkhunter –versioncheck
/usr/bin/rkhunter –update
/usr/bin/rkhunter –cronjob –report-warnings-only
) | /usr/bin/mail -s “rkhunter output”

Save the file and call it something like ‘rkhunterscript’. Make the file executable:

chmod 750 rkhunterscript

and place it in your local bin folder or in a public bin folder. Now set a root cronjob as follows:

sudo crontab -e

cronjob looks like this:

10 3 * * * /home/demo/bin/rkhunterscript

This will run the script at 3.10am each day

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