Enabling or disabling SuExec in WHM

SuExec is an Apache feature that gives users the ability to run CGI and SSI programs using user IDs that are different from the user ID of the calling web server. This effectively means that CGI and SSI programs will not have access to the root account or have root permissions.

To enable or disable SuExec:

1.Click on the Enable/Disable SuExec link in the Server Setup menu.
2.Click on the Enable button to enable SuExec or click on the Disable button to disable SuExec.

suEXEC is based on a setuid “wrapper” program that is called by the main Apache web server. This wrapper is called when an HTTP request is made for a CGI or SSI program that the administrator has designated to run as a userid other than that of the main server. When such a request is made, Apache provides the suEXEC wrapper with the program’s name and the user and group IDs under which the program is to execute.

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