DNS Clustering dnsadmin operations.

Certain dnsadmin operations are now performed in batches. This reduces both the memory needed during large operations, and the amount of time needed to perform the operation.

Each cPanel™ 11.25 cluster member may now configure a peer failure threshold. This option is found in the Configure Cluster interface in WHM. The threshold specifies how many dnsadmin commands a peer may fail to respond to before that peer is automatically disabled. The threshold is local to the server where it is stipulated.

By default, each cPanel™ 11.25 cluster member will notify the system administrator when peers are disabled due to reaching the failure threshold. The notifications are sent to the High priority destinations as set in the Contact Manager in WHM.

The amount of time between BIND restarts issued by dnsadmin is configurable via a new option in the WHM Tweak Settings interface.

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