Date and Time Setup

The date command allows the superuser to set the system date and time manually:

Change the current date.

Type the command in the following form at a shell prompt, replacing the YYYY with a four-digit year,
MM with a two-digit month, and DD with a two-digit day of the month:

For example, to set the date to 2 June 2010, type:

# date +%D -s 2010-06-02

Change the current time. Use the following command, where HH stands for an hour,
MM is a minute, and SS is a second, all typed in a two-digit form:

For instance, to set the system clock to 11:26 PM using the UTC, type:

# date +%T -s 23:26:00 -u

You can check your current settings by typing date without any additional argument:

# date

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