cPanel’s DNS clustering

cPanel’s DNS clustering allows you to synchronize DNS records between multiple cPanel or cPanel DNS ONLY machines. In order to synchronize your DNS records, all machines in the cluster must be running cPanel or cPanel DNS ONLY versions 8.9 or higher.

When configuring your server cluster, it is important to minimize the amount of hops between servers to create the shortest path possible. When possible, you should link webserver server directly to your dns servers or any other servers you wish to update. Each time a DNS zone is modified, the modification will travel down the path to reach each server in the path. The performance of the system is directly proportional to the length of the path.

Synchronize Changes: All changes made on your webserver server will be replicated to any server linked to the webserver in the cluster.
Synchronization is one-way: Changes made on the other server will not be replicated to webserver server unless Synchronize Changes is selected on that server as well.
Standalone: All changes made on webserver server will not replicated to any other server(s).

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