Cpanel Apache options related to PHP

Apache options that directly affect how PHP is served.

* CGI (mod_cgi) — This module is required for Apache to execute CGI scripts. Leave this option enabled. Disabling it will prevent mod_cgi from serving PHP pages.

* CGID (mod_cgid) — This module is only available for Apache 2.x and is required as a replacement for mod_cgi when using threaded MPMs. If you wish to use a threaded MPM, make sure this module is enabled.
* Mod FCGID — This module is only available with Apache 2.x and allows Apache to create and manage FastCGI server processes that remain in memory between HTTP requests. Because any binary capable of using the FastCGI protocol can be managed using this module, you can enable mod_fcgid independently of FastCGI support in PHP. This would, for instance, allow you to serve Ruby via FastCGI.

Referemce : FastCGI documentation -

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