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The latest CentOS 5.3/RHEL 5.3 updates for openssh (openssh-4.3p2-36) introduce the dependency on the library supplied by fipscheck-1.0.3-1 RPM, but this RPM is missing in default file system template for ssh.

Log in as root to your PPCPL box.

Open the /etc/virtualhosting/filelists/ file using a text editor:

vi /etc/virtualhosting/filelists/

Make sure that the file looks like:

$RPM_BIN -q nss nspr > /dev/null 2>&1 && \
cat <<EOF


Site import results in the “overflow” error

This is not a Parallels Pro Control Panel-related issue, but a Python bug.

Resolution :

Please refer the above url for more detailed information and apply the provided solution to your system.

Reference :

To resolve this issue, check that the vacation binary file has proper permissions, the executable bit should be set.

# ls -l /home/virtual/FILESYSTEMTEMPLATE/vacation/usr/bin/vacation
-rwxr-xr-x 8 root root 18609 Apr 9 2009 /home/virtual/FILESYSTEMTEMPLATE/vacation/usr/bin/vacation

If the executable bit is not set, change the permissions:

# chmod ugo+x /home/virtual/FILESYSTEMTEMPLATE/vacation/usr/bin/vacation


How to change default 19368 port of control panel interface.

To change default 19638 port it is enough to change it in /etc/ensim/epl.conf file and restart epld service. In other configuration files it will be substituted accordingly.

Note that the sites configuration files are located in /etc/httpd/conf/virtual/ and include “RedirectMatch” directive that contain redirect to 19638 port.

License Invalid in PPCP after the Network Card change

Parallels Pro Control Panel license is tied to a MAC-address. Therefore, when you change your network card, PPCP does not recognize the license as valid anymore.


Just rename /etc/appliance/.license/.LIC_file and /etc/appliance/.license/.MLK_file so that the license would be treated as a new one by PPCP:

# mv /etc/appliance/.license/.MLK_file /etc/appliance/.license/.MLK_file.bak
# mv /etc/appliance/.license/.LIC_file /etc/appliance/.license/.LIC_file.bak


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