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Email notification everytime users run “sudo” on Linux

For Redhat, Centos Systems make sure that sendmail is running on the machine and configured to send out emails.



Add the following configuration in /etc/sudoers

visudo parses the sudoers file after the edit and will not save the changes if there is a syntax error.

Defaults mail_always
Defaults mailerpath=/usr/sbin/sendmail
Defaults mailto=””
Defaults mailsub=”*** Command run via sudo on %h ***”
Defaults mailerflags=”-t”

Notification from Ensim ALERT: An instance has expired

The email indicates that the Ensim License Server ( has not received any license update request from the product instance for some extended period. Please login to the server, go to the license manager and click on “Renew License”.

It should send a new request to the license server. If the request fails, check if you can open from the Ensim server - maybe there is an issue with a firewall.

When you can access you should get “You are connected with Ensim Pro License Manager!”

The Parallels Pro Control Panel License Manager (ELM) allows you to manage your Parallels Control Panel Pro (formerly Ensim Pro) licenses.