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Prevention of infinite mail loop with Auto Responder

This mostly happens when the mail account using autoreponder gets lot of spam mail, and as many of these spam mails use bogus From addresses, this account also recieves many mailer-daemon responses while replying to these bogus email addresses.

1) Edit /home/virtual/FILESYSTEMTEMPLATE/sendmail/etc/smrsh/ (This file is hardlinked into all the domains having autoresponder enabled as

and comment out:

${PYTHONBIN} ${RUNAPP} $@ > /dev/null 2>&1

so it looks like:

# ${PYTHONBIN} ${RUNAPP} $@ > /dev/null 2>&1

Then insert after it:

procmail -a “$*” /etc/auto.rc

2) Create the file called auto.rc with the following lines:

| /usr/bin/python2 /usr/lib/opcenter/sendmail/responder.pyc $1

Copy this file to /home/virtual/[domainname]/etc/ for all the domains using autoresponder.
(You may want to use to automatically copy or create this file when ever a new domain is added)

Now anything coming from MAILER-DAEMON or postmaster that goes to the responder will be sent to /dev/null.

Anything else will be sent to the responder.


500 error in Ensim interface if python-kid is upgraded

To resolve this issue.

For RHEL4, Cent OS 4.1, Cent OS 4.2, Cent OS 4.3, Cent OS 4.4:


Installation Procedure:

Get the binary from the locations mentioned above.

Execute the binary

python removeTemplateBytecode.pyc
service epld restart


Enable ImageMagick perl module for perl/cgi script.

1. Install ImageMagick-perl package corresponding to ImageMagick rpm installed on the server shipped by OS vendor.


# rpm -q ImageMagick
#rpm -ivh ImageMagick-perl-


1. You can use up2date or yum to install/upgrade ImageMagick-perl package

# up2date ImageMagick-perl


#yum install ImageMagick-perl

2. Run ensim through maintenance mode.

service webppliance restart


Bandwidth is getting calculated higher than expected in Ensim Pro for Linux

For RHEL4, Cent OS 4.1, Cent OS 4.2, Cent OS 4.3:

Installation Procedure:

rpm -Uvh webppliance-bandwidth-4.1.0-38.[os version].i386.rpm
service webppliance restart

service bandwidth_manager restart
service [affected service] restart (where affected services are proftpd, sendmail, ssh)

Reference :

Installation issues on CentOS for Ensim Pro Linux

Since a minimal OS installation for CentOS don’t install prerequisites packages for Ensim Pro X 10.0.0, it is mandatory to create CentOS repos on the local drive or provide an external repos while installing Ensim Pro X 10.0.0


python ./ – –adminname=admin –adminpasswd=password –updater=yum –os-source= –updates-source=


python ./ – –adminname=admin –adminpasswd=password –updater=yum –os-source=file:///path/to/repos/os –updates-source=file:///path/to/repos/updates

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