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/proc/[pid]/io - Display the IO accounting fields

This file contains IO statistics for each running process.

# dd if=/dev/zero of=/tmp/test.dat &
[1] 3828

# cat /proc/3828/io
rchar: 323934931
wchar: 323929600
syscr: 632687
syscw: 632675
read_bytes: 0
write_bytes: 323932160
cancelled_write_bytes: 0

Field Descriptions:
rchar - bytes read
wchar - byres written
syscr - number of read syscalls
syscw - number of write syscalls
read_bytes - number of bytes caused by this process to read from underlying storage
write_bytes - number of bytes caused by this process to written from underlying storage

cPanel & WHM Version 11.34 Released to Current Tier

cPanel Inc. announced today the release of version 11.34 of cPanel & WHM software to the CURRENT tier with many improvements and upgrade. cPanel CEO, J. Nick Koston, outlined new features that include:

  • A brand new User Interface for WHM, which brings a slick new look and easier functionality, as demonstrated at the recent cPanel Conference.
  • Web Disk support has been updated for Windows Vista, 7 & 8, and Mountain Lion. In addition to the Web Disk support update, we will soon be releasing Android and iOS clients.
  • Email client auto configuration utilities have been updated to support the latest mail clients, as well as added support for Mountain Lion.
  • Email Archiving makes its appearance in 11.34, so email users now have the option to more efficiently track, store, and access email with our vastly improved email tracking, and message retrieval, to the Mail Delivery Reports functionality we recently delivered.
  • In addition, we overhauled the service monitoring system to provide better notifications, and improved the robustness of the automatic repair feature.
  • New Hooks Management interface built into WHM.
  • Feature Showcase page of WHM will alert you at login to any recent changes made by upgrading cPanel & WHM.

Upon updating or installing cPanel & WHM version 11.34 you will no longer be able to downgrade to a previous version.

To update cPanel & WHM manually:
Log into WHM as the root user.
Click on the WHM 11.32.X (build X) link on the top right corner of the screen.
Click the button labeled Click to Upgrade.

Reference: For details regarding version 11.34 User Guide, Release Notes, Change Log and FAQ’s, please visit


The /proc filesystem /proc/uptime

The /proc filesystem /proc/uptime

This file contains the length of time since the system was booted, as well as the amount of time since then that the system has been idle. Both are given as floating-point values, in seconds.

Example output:

[fedora@fedora ~]$ cat /proc/uptime
3677.44 1898.50

[fedora@fedora ~]$ uptime
22:58:03 up 1:01, 2 users, load average: 0.24, 0.29, 0.32
[fedora@fedora ~]$
[root@fedora ~]#

How to Speed up NTP initial synchronization

Open the NT P configuration file /etc/ntp.conf in a text editor such as vi or nano, or create a new one if it does not already exist:

# nano /etc/ntp.conf

To speed the initial synchronization up, add the iburst directive at the end of each server line:

server iburst
server iburst
server iburst

About Redhat subscription-manager

About Redhat subscription-manager

subscription-manager tool. This tool has the following format:

# subscription-manager command [options]
[root@fedora ~]#

Each command has its own set of options that are used with it. The subscription-manager help and manpage have more information.


subscription-manager Commands

Command | Description
register - Registers or identifies a new system to the subscription service.
unregister - Unregisters a machine, which strips its subscriptions and removes the machine from the subscription service.
subscribe - Allocates a specific subscription to the machine.

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